Our congratulations to Valeria and Roberto of the Construction Company “White Houses Costa Dorada S.L” for this great work covered with one of our star products:
MicroCement EDFAN. 

The team decided to use MicroCemento for the interiors (living room, kitchen, bathrooms) and MicroBeton outdoors (stairs, garden, barbecue): MicroBetón has a thickness greater than MicroCemento and is usually used in combination, as we see in this beautiful House: this way they install two types of cementitious floors with different technical characteristics and still achieve a visual continuity without joints, which is shocking.

The selected color: Ivory with a satin finish. Incredible result, right?

One of the great advantages of MicroCemento is that it can be applied over existing coatings such as: ceramics, mosaics, marbles and tiles. It allows, in a very short time, to renew the spaces without having to suffer the disorders of disorder, dirt, and cost of the traditional work.

You can also have your EDFAN coating. Keep in mind that there are many EDFAN continuous coatings to choose from, which fit your needs … We are experts in MicroCement and cement coatings of all kinds.

A modern alternative with quick application and easy maintenance: wet rag and wax.

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