Being an investor at Grupo EDFAN

At EDFAN we are committed to expanding our projects and are constantly growing. Our project is based on constant development, design and production of new linings and products that are aligned with global trends in architecture and construction. We have great competitive advantages since we position ourselves firmly and with experience in a field where each design each instance of our production process with criteria: From the raw material to retail sales.

A company with over 30 years of experience, constituted on the basis of family background and – with rapid growth – does not skimp when it comes to ambitions. With our headquarters in a country like Argentina, representing a large market, we continue betting on national expansion – having our own plant – as well as exporting and consistent international expansion, opening doors to more than 40 countries, which we operate

We want to get to the top and remain the market leaders, so that investors seek to join us along the way; so we invite you to contact us so we can meet personally and share in detail all the possibilities offered by our products.