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    The Applicators of EDFAN Products, whether written or verbal, do not become dependent, partners, representatives or agents of EDFAN – BS CONSTRUCCIONES SA nor EDFAN EUROPA SL – Any claim and / or judicial or extrajudicial action arising from the realization of the Work performed by them shall be directed exclusively to the Applicator.
    EDFAN is in these cases only a product supplier and assumes no responsibility for the use of the products sold. We hereby certify that in no case will the works performed by an Authorized Applicator outside the company be considered as performed by EDFAN – BS Construcciones SA or EDFAN EUROPA SL. If you have any questions: Before hiring an Applicator to appear as an EDFAN Authorized Product Applicator, please call our offices. In all cases we recommend to request the invoices for the contracted services. EDFAN, is a trademark of BS CONSTRUCCIONES SA, CUIT 30-70741979-9 / EDFAN EUROPA SL, Tax Identification Number B63002539.t.