… Look how well these floors look! Installed by our P.A.A. Product Authorized Applicator – Mr. Stefanos Kamparakis – in Athens, Greece!

The chosen product: EDFAN MicroBeton in silver colour. A worldwide famous brand, which always reflects modernity, vanguardism and style in their stores.

Very elegant and stylish … Do you like how it looks? Remember that you can also have your EDFAN coating. Note that there are many EDFAN continuous coatings to choose from and to suit your needs! We are experts in Microcement and cementitious coatings of all kinds.

MicroBeton is ideal for environments where one is looking for a MicroCement finish, but with a more hardness, such as shops and exteriors. It is applicable on all types of hard surfaces. Just like MicroCement, it can be applied on floors, walls, stairs, furniture and other, both indoors and outdoors. It does not require gaskets, so continuous surfaces can be achieved.

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